Kawasaki ATV

I paid $2800 brand new for this ATV but only asking a thousand for it. Due to our neighborhood and lack of space my kids did not get to ride it a lot. The ATV is still in condition. It says up to age 10 and like 200 pounds. My brother turned it down but it still will go pretty good but slow enough where his big five year old son, four year old daughter and 12 year old daughter can ride it alone...
FROM THE DEEP Now with the Smart-Lok front differential and mud-specific tuning top to bottom to haul you through the roughest challenges, the race-winning Maverick X3 is 72-in wide, has 24-in of suspension travel, and wears armored 30-in. ITP Cryptid mud tires.
COMFORT AND CONTROL Take control with the Defender DPS that features comfortable Dynamic Power Steering (DPS), lightweight wheels and tires, adaptable storage, Visco Lok and more to make your job easier.
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